Karsten W. Rohrbach
geb. am 21.04.1973 in Langen/Hessen, Deutschland
ansässig im Rhein-Main Gebiet
Generalist in den Bereichen UNIX, Internet, Datenbanken, Informationssysteme und angehender "Code Poet"
eMail: karsten@rohrbach.de

Karsten W. Rohrbach
Born on the 21st of April 1973 in Langen/Hassia, Germany
Resident in the Rhein-Main area
Generalist of UNIX, internet, database, information systems and emerging code poet
e-mail: karsten@rohrbach.de

Past and Present Projects (permanently incomplete and out of date)

  • webmonster.de internet infrastructure and more...
  • nacamar, an excellent isp in germany, bought by worldonline which was bought by tiscali, ...
    core systems server design, deployment and administration for more than 5 years, including www, ftp, dns, news, mail, accounting/billing and customer's systems.
  • gm europe web site backend code
  • jobs & adverts job portal server design and administration
  • dino online portal site
  • apache german mirror site
  • splatterworld game server design, administration, code engineering
  • radio ffh 105.9fm, frankfurt, streaming audio, webcam, custom backend software
  • planet radio 100.2fm, frankfurt, streaming audio, webcam, custom backend software
  • swr3 101.1fm, baden/stuttgart, streaming video live events
  • radio regenbogen 102.8fm, mannheim, streaming audio
  • hoechst (now: aventis) conference streaming video live events
  • kanet the karlshof dorm network project
  • big brother (now out of service) server infrastructure and troubleshooting
  • shell 12move backend infrastructure and system design and deployment
  • nGENn GmbH network technology and systems development
  • TONKUN.ST web site design, internal collaboration platform & administration
  • to be continued...


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